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Често се питамо да ли и у којој мери да дозволимо технологији да управља нашим временом, код куће или у школи.  Да ли користимо технологију на прави начин и у правој мери, како би нам била алатка за стицање знања, а не оружје које би се могло окренути против нас? Да ли бирамо онлајн садржаје у складу са личним интересовањима, или се, пак, поводимо за актуелним трендовима?

На ова и слична питања одговорио је из свог угла један наш ученик другог разреда.

Текст који следи  је пример одлично урађеног задатка из енглеског језика, реализован током одвијања наставе на даљину, у управо завршеном другом полугодишту ове школске године.


   TECH – OBSESSED?              

In today’s society, one of the biggest problems is that people are forgetting about  real life, they replace it with the internet, social media, video games etc. Humanity is facing a real problem, but is it really a threat?

This got me thinking: how much time do I spend on these things? And the answer wasn’t really surprising – a lot. On average I would say one  third of my day goes on computer, TV, and social media, which is really too much. 8 hours is a really long period of time, and it’s being drained by electronic devices.

American teenagers spend nine hours a day on average on digital technology, entertaining themselves with streaming videos, listening to music, and playing games. This is concerning because, as we see, many teenagers are so obsessed with everything electronic that they are forgetting about reality and communication in real life. Most of these teens are spending time on social media, but everyone is different . I, for example, don’t even spend an hour on social media, most of my time I usually spend on playing video games and listening to music.


Video games eat my time, and time flies when I’m playing them. I just disconnect from the reality and plug myself into the world of the game I’m playing. Also, I’m multitasking, because I always have a playlist turned on while I’m playing something. Video games are special, because you can play for hours, and don’t spend 600 Mb on them, unlike Instagram or TikTok. They also have a built-in story which helps you forget reality so easily. This often happens to me too. I sometimes get too interested or frustrated and I just forget about everything else. I really love to focus on playing them, it gives me the  best experience.

Some of these games  are played online, while others are single player games. Online games are there when I have company, or  a squad of my friends to play with. Single player games often have a great story, which I can really experience to the maximum playing alone and discovering everything within the game.


These stories are sometimes so incredible that you can’t stop thinking about them. For example, when I played Witcher III, I  had to get up early for school at 6.00 am, I  was aware of that, but the story was just so juicy that I had to stay until I finished a chapter – a certain quest in the game. I became addicted to it, and I played and played and finally, I was done. It took me 90 hours to pass the whole game + dlcs but without side quests so my journey wasn’t ended at that point. I  played until I got almost every side quest in the game so I  reached 230 hours on that game only! And, compared to other games, this play time is nothing. On Gta V  I have 600 hours, but it’s both an online and a single player game so that’s it.

I rarely play multiplayer games without some music on in the background. As far as I’m concerned, video games alongside music videos are my biggest time drainers that come from the electronic world.


Many people, teenagers mostly, spend most of their time watching YouTube videos, or TikTok, or even Instagram videos, and they are spending so many gigabytes on that. Videos are the most popular, well photos and videos, but people watch these and while they’re watching , gigabytes are being spent at an enormous speed.

Videos drain that Mb and Gb very fast, and on top of that, people are watching them more than they’re doing other things to spend power. So those two combined make us realise that there is a huge spending, googleplexes of Mb and Gb are being spent every year. And gigabytes aren’t the worst thing that you can spend, it isn’t money either-  it’s your time, it can’t be bought back in any way and this moment will never be repeated nor the same ever again. And that precious, most valuable thing – time –  is being spent on YouTube or TikTok, while we ponder whether to buy a chocolate or not because of the money. Money is being overrated, and time, sadly, underrated by far. We spend money more cautiously than our time which is the most valuable thing we have.


Videos are the biggest source of time spending because they usually run for a long period of time. Many teenagers are failing at school because of this. So if anyone’s to blame it would be videos.

But is it really a waste of time, watching videos? Sure there are some videos for entertainmet purposes only, and you may say that they are time wasters, but I would say that this isn’t a bad thing, it isn’t a waste of time.

There are some downsides to everything, internet and technology included, but are the downsides stronger than the upsides? I don’t think so and I speak from personal experience.

There is a game called Sid Meier’s Civilization V. It’s a video game that influenced me while I was a kid in a great way. In the game you get to choose the nation that you want to play, and every nation has its leader. I wanted to know more about these lands, nations, people and their leaders and history. And I didn’t even have history as a subject in school. History became my favorite thing to learn because of that game. Also, while I was playing numerous games I was simultaneously learning new English words and I began to understand more and more of it. By the time I was in fifth grade I’d learned a lot of new English words , and a lot of historical facts from the entire world.

Video games helped me in that way. I had better grades in elementary school, and also had me thinking about history and great people all the time. I’ve competed in history ever since 5th grade, and I think I can thank Civilization for that. It wasn’t the only thing that’s influenced me but it’s an important one.

Playing these video games I’ve learned to comunicate with other people, although not in the formal way. I’ve learned enough English to talk to people from all around the world – of course, it isn’t nearly enough but it gets the job done for me. This has assisted me in my education too.


There are beliefs that kids get more violent playing these video games, but I think that if someone is preordained to be a bully, that someone is going to become just that, and it wouldn’t have anything to do with video games.

I just think that people are exaggerating the impact video games have on children and adults. I think that there are far more upsides than downsides. Maybe the only valid downside is time shrinkage. But that time isn’t always wasted because you often learn something new.


An average person needs 3GB monthly, which isn’t that much compared to teenager needs. So, gigabytes aren’t spent that much. There are cases where people really do cross the line, but those are individual cases.

I think that the reason for that exaggeration is just technology itself. People are that way, they were that way even back in the Middle Ages. Young prince Rastko was reading books on the court, while everyone told him not to. They would tell him to go and practice combat skills, to let go of  that nonsense called books. And those books contained information that can be understood as some kind of  equivalent to today’s technology.

So, people are just being the way they should be, because we’re facing the unknown, for the first time in history we have this kind of technology and no one knows how is it going to impact us in the long run.


There are many people who have many benefits from watching videos, for example. Myself included. There are many interesting videos which are educational, they help us learn something new in a modern and fun way. I think that it is fascinating that children these days have access to incredible information, because back in the day you didn’t have those privileges, you had to find information you needed at a library or from some wise man. Kids and teens today have the potential which many geniuses didn’t have, so there are bigger chances of something extraordinary happening because of this era and its technologies. The upsides are incredible. There are statements which claim that people are getting more stupid because of everything, but that just isn’t true. Anyone who uses tech in the right way will be ahead of others who don’t. That’s for sure.

Regardless of our online behavior , everyone who loves video games, internet, music, videos, etc. should continue using it. But we have to know the  borderlines, we need to establish the balance between everything in our life.


Time spent on these technologies is maybe the biggest problem, but  I don’t see  other problems that are actually serious or  might present threat to society. There were always false claims about new things as we know, so it’s normal for some people to behave in the way they do.

And even though time is being massively spent on new technologies, as well as gigabytes, it isn’t a problem because people can learn all sorts of things watching videos, playing video games and watching TV. There are some pointless shows, videos and games, but we choose what we play/watch/listen to, so if anyone’s to blame for time wasting it’s us- our bad choices.

But why is it time wasting? And why are gigabytes being ’eaten’? Time and gigabytes are being used mainly to empower ourselves with all kinds of new knowledge. Isn’t that great? So I prefer ’spent’ rather than ’wasted’ or ’eaten’. When we’re learning something new, do we waste time? Are our weeks eaten? No, they aren’t.

Balance is the most important thing here; if we find it and balance everything, if we are moderate in using our time and gigabytes, we will have no problems. Maybe we can say that weeks are being eaten when we’re watching something useless, but it’s up to us and our choice of what we watch. And, I’ll finish my work with a quote that’s been said by one of the wisest men to ever walk on this planet, John Lennon:

’Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted’.

                                                                                                            Milutin Nikolić   II6



У понедељак, 10. децембра 2018.године, у Свечаној сали Гимназије одржан је огледни час из историје и енглеског језика, под називом „Британске хероине, српске сестре.“ Повод за ову можда необичну сарадњу је недавно обележена стогодишњица од завршетка Великог рата, који је неизмерно изменио слику дотадашњег света. У великом хуку историје остале су забележене херојске приче о женама војницима које су дошле у Србију да би несебично помагале на ратиштима, у војним болницама и  сиротиштима.

Храбре Британке (Flora Sandes, Edith Cavell, Elsie Inglis, Evelina Haverfield, Elizabeth Ross, Katherine MacPhail, Isabel Hutton, Mary Elizabeth Phillips, Mabel Stobard..) нашле су своје заслужено место и у једној српској учионици. Наиме, одељење IV1, са својим професорима Драгицом Качином и Јасном Ристић, приредило је публици један занимљив перформанс на ову тему. У разним активностима на српском и енглеском језику учествовало је цело одељење. Ево и неколико детаља са овог јавног часа…

Огледни час подразумева одступање од традиционалног облика наставе и уобичајене структуре школског часа. Подједнако ту уче и ученици и наставници – ови први да преузму иницијативу и одговорност, ови други да препусте један део контроле наставног процеса ученицима. Доказ да су овакве иновације потребне и корисне је и готово пуна сала ученика, који су са пажњом пратили ток часа и тиме показали да умеју да поштују значајне теме. Хвала и колегама који су присуствовали овом часу !